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Shale gas : Fracking is one of the dirtiest tech ever invented.

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Gaz de schiste : la fracturation hydraulique est une des technologies les plus dégueulasse jamais inventée.


  • I quite agree with this comment. The problem is green militants waste their time and their energy in politics to support non influential minority groups. They should brace their forces to combat such ecological monstrosities such as fracking at the right level which is judicial and legal.

    Fortunately a little virus is just smashing a world economy based on fossil fuels. There is no future for thermic motors and for petrol . Thanks god ! It was high time for the planet .

  • Hi.

    I'm not sure that covid will make people change their minds, I mean, the people in charge and people depending on oil, and it still makes a lot.
    I fear the opposite. After this crisis, most will "want", helped by advertising/propaganda to "enjoy" life even more, meaning consuming more...

    Concerning divisions between ecologists, it reduces their apparent power, but if we consider our society as a complex system witch can be entered/influenced from many points, then this relative division can be useful. Influencing a system from as much points as possible is a way to accelerate its change.
    (sorry for my english)

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